While we are totally against cheating / using word generators on Lexulous, it's nearly impossible to catch offenders. This is true for any online gaming website, not just Lexulous. For instance, if we block a player, they may simply use a program on a different computer or on their phone. The best way to solve this problem is to avoid starting games with players who you think are cheating. Also, do keep the following in mind:

1. Just because a player made an obscure word doesn't mean they cheated. It's possible they learnt it while observing a game, even if they don't know the meaning.
2. If you think a player is cheating for sure, simply click on their name and censor them to avoid starting new games.

3. As soon as you complete a game with a player who played fair, add them to your friends list! Soon you'll have dozens of 'good' players on your list.
Good luck with your games and may the Q always come with a U!