Lexulous uses a comprehensive dictionary and we update it as and when we are notified of new words that have been officially added. When you play a word, the game automatically checks if the word is valid or not.

All words considered part of speech, including English words having a foreign origin are acceptable. However, words that fall into the categories mentioned below may not be played during the game:

- Words starting with a capital letter

- Abbreviations

- Prefixes and suffixes alone

- Words that require a - or apostrophe

- Proper nouns and names of people / places

In some cases, words that have double meanings may be allowed. 

For example:

ZEN is not allowed as it’s a proper noun. However, JAPAN is allowed because it also means ‘a type of varnish’ and not just the country Japan.

We don't directly edit the dictionary and hence cannot decide whether a word should be added or removed from it.