In the beginning, the rating of a user will be 1879 while the level is "Gifted". A higher rating indicates higher playing skills. To view detailed statistics and other reports, see your stats page.

The rating system we use:

Wordscraper uses a modified version of the Elo rating system. All players start with a base rating of 1200. This increases or decreases as you win and lose games over the course of time.

Determining your rating level / playing skills:

As you win games, your rating will keep increasing and your skill level will also change. Below is a chart showing the various skill levels associated with the rating of a player.


  • When you start playing Wordscraper, you'll notice that your ratings will fluctuate a lot initially. Don't worry, it will stabilize after you play 30 games.
  • The trick to win lots of points and to get a good rating, is to defeat players who are rated higher than you.
  • Even if you lose against high rated players, your rating won't suffer as much if you lose against low rated players.