Your goal should be to score the maximum number of points.

The player with the highest score at the end of the game, wins it. To score more points, use the special colored squares on the board wisely.

The tiles or letters have different point values. You get points for each word that you make. The value of all tiles are added and the total is what you score.

(for example C = 4 points)



Use 7 tiles to make a word and you get a 40 point bonus!

Use all 8 and you get 50 points! This is called a BINGO and can dramatically change the game.

The board has 4 different types of special squares. You get bonus points when your word covers one or more such special squares.

  • Double Letter Score



         This doubles the value of a letter. For example, if you put a C on it, you'll get 8 points instead of 4. 

  • Triple Letter score



       Triples the score of the letter.

  • Double Word Score



        This doubles the score of an entire word. If any tile covers this, you get double points for all the other tiles.

  • Triple Word Score



         Triples the score of an entire word.




          Use a combination of special squares to get a crazy amount of points!