Wordscraper is best enjoyed with friends! Starting a game is easy. Simply follow the steps below to play now:

1. On the homepage under New Game, select Play With Friends. 


2. Select the friend you wish to play with.
You'll see friends already playing Wordscraper as well as your other friends so you can easily invite them to play.

3. Now you'll see the game board. Play the first move.



  • The first word must cover the center star. A word must use at least 2 tiles.

  • Words may be formed horizontally or vertically.

  • You get 8 tiles / letters each turn. These are shown below the board.

4. Awesome! Now wait for your friend to take their turn.Wordscraper has been designed to be played at your own pace.

If your friend doesn't play their move immediately, do come back later to check if they've played.

You can start as many games at the same time as you wish, and with multiple friends. We recommend having at least 25-30 active games. That way, whenever you come to Wordscraper, you'll have a few moves to play.