As and when a player finds a Word [Visible in the panel below the grid] on the grid, s/he obtains 7000 points.


On obtaining a BONUS word in the similar fashion, s/he obtains 9000 points.


Accordingly, at the end of the game, the cumulative score can be seen. A player obtains “Stars” on the basis of his/her score-sheet.



You have a chance to procure Additional/Bonus points for finding out the 4 Hidden Words in the following way:

Initially you are given a Bonus of 8000 points.

Now for every 30 seconds that elapses, 500 points get deducted from your bonus points.

Say, you find all the 4 Hidden Words within the 30 seconds, then Bonus Points = 7500.

If you find all the 4 Hidden Words within the 60 seconds, then Bonus Points = 7000, and so on.

If you take more than 8 minutes to figure out all the 4 Bonus Words, you lose 8000 points and thus get no Additional/Bonus points.

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