1.Open the Word Search application and click on any theme that you find in the section called “PUZZLES”.


2.You need to play the QUICK level first.


3. As you click on this LEVEL, a page opens up with a list of puzzles relevant to that Level.


4.As you keep solving each puzzle, the subsequent levels get unlocked on the basis of the points that you procure.

5.Once the Puzzle loads, you need to find the words (available in the panel below) on the grid.


The Words may be aligned either Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally.
The words may be placed on the Grid in such a way that there may be an OVERLAPPING of two or more words.
So be careful while searching for the Words!

Download Word Search:

To download this amazing word puzzle game, please visit http://www.thewordsearchapp.com