Welcome to the magical world of Word Search. We promise you an adventure with a complete range of words & puzzles. Learn new words you might have never came across! You'll be impressed with this game. There are over 12,000 words categorised into theme based puzzles. 

This Word Search game is designed in such a manner that it would provide both entertainment and learning. In Word Search, you come across a variety of themes. You may choose any theme and start playing. You are supposed to find hidden words from an array of letters in a Square Grid. 

We continue improving the game based on your feedback. You may suggest any themes you may want to add to the game.

So, let's get started! You may download Word Search from:

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Did You Know?

Just like your body, the brain needs exercise too to keep itself active. Playing games like Word Search help activate parts of the brain that deal with language and word finding. This in turn, forces the brain to exercise, work and be active.